About Us

who we are

Crosstie Studios is a team of passionate train enthusiasts who are dedicated to delivering the next generation in railroad simulation products.

Crosstie Studios isn't some huge corporate entity, were not a bunch of high paid executives driving around in fancy cars.  We're just like you, we want a simulation platform that can deliver all the basic functions of a real operating railroad with all the latest features of current hardware technology.  We're confident we can marry the two together and form the perfect union.

Our team consists of talented artists, content creators, 3D modelers, environment creators, and more to combine their individual talents to produce an all new state of the art railroad simulation platform.  Each one of our talented creators brings something new and unique to the team.  We look forward to working with some of the finest talent in the industry and we're pretty sure you will be thoroughly satisfied with the final results.  If you would like to join our team and have the experience we need please feel free to contact us here.

why choose us?

We have the experience you're looking for.

When experience counts, look no further.

We deliver the highest quality products.

We strive to deliver the highest quality product we can produce.

Attention to detail is what matters.

Our team strives to ensure the smallest details aren't missed.

did you know?

We're currently located in the beautiful Tampa Bay area

Our main offices are currently located in the beautiful Tampa Bay region of west central Florida. We look forward to serving North America and the rest of globe with the finest simulation product to date.

Our love of trains is what brought us all together.

We wouldn't all be here if we all didn't have a passion for the railroads and trains in general. We're end users just like you and that's what will give us the advantage to deliver the simulator that you want.