Train Simulation is about to change

We are tossing out all the rules when it comes to developing a new train simulator.  It's time a sim was created to meet ALL of our needs.

You may be wondering why another train simulator...  Well so far we have yet to find a single platform that does what we want and does it well.  After 10 years in the industry we are pretty sure at this point it's safe to assume were not going to get what we want unless we build it ourselves.  Who are we?  Well most of us came from Jointed Rail Productions.  Jointed Rail is the leading provider of third party content for N3V's TRAINZ Railroad simulator.

The next generation is here, and we're going to prove it.

Right now if you're a member of the train sim community we don't have to tell you there is a severe lack of a single platform that delivers.  Heck even one that just works and looks good would be nice, but right now there is nothing that even comes close to a real soloution.

This is exactly why we have created Crosstie Studios, LLC.  CTS has been formed to create the framework needed for the next generation in train simulation.  There is no reason why in 2015 we should be OK with 1990's style graphics and features.  We want prototypical, we want visual appeal, and we want working core systems that just do what they are supposed to do.

Unlike others who come to the table with nothing but dreams, we are coming to the community with a working demo to show you what's already been done.  We want you to know this will be the largest train simulation project since the advent of MSTS.

It's 2015 and it's time our community caught up to the latest technology we all have come to love and expect in other games and simulations.


  1. This is very exciting news and the breath of air we have been waiting for in our hobby.

    Hopefully there will eventually be support for areas outside the US and a SDK/World Editor to build third party routes.

    Go team…

  2. From what I have seen so far (both on this website and Jointed Rail’s collection for Trainz) it concerns me if there will be anything in this simulator besides diesel locomotives?

    My willingness to purchase this simulator depends entirely on there being high-speed electric powercars such as Amtrak’s Acela Express and ACS-64.

    Can we get any confirmation on the variety of locomotives that will be present in the game?

  3. Will you be developing steam physics as well?

    Thanks, this looks like an exciting prospect for the hobby. So often in the past we have been disappointed by developers promising the earth, then waving goodbye before the project is completed.

    I look forward to the Demo, good luck to the CT team.

    Cheers Bazza.

  4. Very excited about this concept. Cannot wait to see what develops. If there is a crowdfunding project in the future, count me in.

  5. “Will you be developing steam physics as well?” – Captain Bazza

    Oh yes, steam will definitely be developed, I can’t say we will have it right away as it is many times more complicated than a Internal Combustion locomotive, but it is my every intention to have steam locomotives in this simulator.

  6. This is a very interesting project.

    My main interest in trains is in European, both modern (electric) and classic (steam). Both UK and continental Europe.

    I’d love to see what will come out of this project.

  7. Wow, this simulator is looking amazing, I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Especially looking forward to driving those diesels.

  8. Well, sounds interesting…. like so many projects in so many areas and that never reach the production status.. so… wait and see 🙂

  9. Will cross tie railroad simulator work on Linux distros as well as windows? I cross compatible program like OpenBVE would be welcome.


  10. Will there be addons developed for African railroads aswell?

  11. I’m very excited for this sim. If Sandpatch was included I think I would die of happiness!!

  12. i cant wait for this game to be done, or even see a demo! also, i severly hope that this game will have REALISTIC train crashes. like lets say two trains are on the same track and they are heading at each other, would it be like train simulator 2016 by dovetail where the train would just fly off the track, or would the train’s fronts get mashed together in a realistic process of crashing the trains? i hope it will be the realistic derailments and crashes. anyways, i hope this game is going to be better then EVERY train sim out there! ( and look realistic too, because lets face it, dovetail’s train simulator, just looks like a try hard at graphics. and N3V’s simulator? well trainz 12, just looks like a 90’s game. their new one, a tiny bit better looking. but still a try hard. )

  13. Words, just words.

  14. Not surprising it’s been 5 years and still nothing. You guys should work for DTG.

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