Core Systems

Identify and perfect the core systems that will power the heart of the simulation platform.

Identifying core systems from the start will help us to build the framework needed for future updates, expansions, and modifications.  These systems are what will control all the features that are needed to work together to deliver a life like experience.  Weather, Physics, AI, Signaling, Road/Sea/Air traffic, as well as world development tools and more.  Development of these systems first will lay the groundwork for whats possible in future releases and updates.

Basiscs first, expansion second.

Our main goal now is to bring each of these core systems to working status before we modify and expand them to their full potential.  Your input as a community is crucial to the success of your train simulator.  This platform is being constructed to answer the growing demand for a new, stable, tested gaming engine from which the next generation of train simulators can be built upon.


  1. Phil

    The content looks excellent, how much content do you plan to include in the demo. Either way I would like to donate or support this in anyway that I can.

  2. Yay google іs my king helped me to find thіs great website!

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