Software Demo

Software-Demo-VideoOur development team is hard at work right now working on our demo. We hope to deliver a working copy to our users so that they can see first hand the progress that's been made. This will also allow you to clearly see the potential this engine, and this team has. We've pushed the limits in TRAINZ for years, now it's time to push the limits even further with a platform that will give us endless opportunities to make train simulation what it should be. Currently we're assembling a world wide team of artists, modelers, scripters, and industry professionals to form a team that's capable of delivering mind blowing results.

Remember none of this will be possible with out you, the community. We think it's time that a true connection between the developers and the users becomes standard, something we should expect. The good news is we're writing the rules so we can make sure this becomes reality, in fact it already taking place now. Join our forums and become a part of it, your input is not only welcome it's a must have in order to make this the sim knew was always possible.

Now boarding.