Third Party Creators

Third Party content creators are what makes a sim unique.  We want to attract third party creators who want to lead the next generation of simulation products.

We want to embrace third party creators.  We think part of the success of this platform will be a variety of high quality content available for inclusion and also purchase as DLC.  We want to work closely with our partners to ensure we can meet their needs as well as get their input during the build and beyond.  Third party creators are an asset and we plan to treat them as such.

Forget what you thought you knew.

When we set out to redefine railroad simulation we really meant it.  We're going to rethink every aspect of this industry and use a fresh approach to desgin and implementation of new systems.  We hope to engage current as well as new and independent creators and bring them to the table when our features are designed, created, and implemented.  Are you a third party creator?  Do you have content to offer?  Want to be a part of the next generation in simulation?  Feel free to contact our sales team for more information.


  1. I am a content creator for Train Simulator 2015 and love everything I am hearing so far about this upcoming simulator! I am currently working on the section of Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor between Boston South Station and New Haven Union Station. If this simulator and its route building tools are superb, then I will definitely transport my project over and begin developing it here. To take a peek at what I have been working on and what kind of work ethic I can bring to this project, visit

  2. I’m in content creation industry since 2008. Call me in if there’ll be a motion!

    Main interests: track and track objects, narrow gauge rolling stock, subway, cabviews, gauges, valves.

  3. Here’s how you may want to consider marking third party content that is offered under different CC licenses.

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