A new sim is born

The lack of one platform that would do everything we wanted led us to this point.

Sometimes change is good, sometimes it's not.  In this case we're pretty sure you will think this change is very good.  Currently there is not a simulation platform that will do everything I want.  Lucky for me, and now of course you that's about to change.  After 10 years of searching, using, modifying all the sims out there I am still not quite happy.  One may be prototypical yet lack looks.  Another may have looks and lack prototypical, I think you can see where this is headed...

A new simulator is born.

Most products are invented for a need, train simulators don't seem to be any different.  From the early 90's it was evident there was a community of people that desired a train simulator and along came Microsoft with MSTS.  That was my first introduction to a train simulator, and I was hooked from that point on.  Bring us to today and we have been faithful TRAINZ users as well as content creators for well over a decade.  However we still have that one problem of not having a platform that can deliver everything that should be standard in any train simulation.  Let me introduce you to the company that will change train simulation forever.

Crosstie Studios was formed to answer the call to provide that platform needed to take the train simulation commumity into the next generation.  We plan to deliver a working demo to the community so you can see what's possible with hard work, the right engine, and amazing dedication to perfection.  Utilizing some of the amazing talents of members from Jointed Rail we are stepping into a new chapter in this niche industry.  We are confident that when we are through we will have provided the latest and most detailed simulation experice available today.



    What content will be available with the demo? Can we have Amtrak content with the demo, like the P42’s? Looks good so far.

  2. Jon Edwards

    I’m glad to see you guys using an engine that was developed and updated within the decade. Looking forward to seeing progress.

  3. Finally a sim that will do everything under one title. I’m sick of using 3 different sims because they all have something different Good luck!