Simulation Features

No longer are we bound by other developers ideas of what a train sim should be.

Utilizing the latest Unreal 4 gaming engine allows us a platform where the sky is truly the limit.  Core changes to the way content is developed, implemented, and displayed will allow us to step into the next generation of game design and creation.  Gone are the days of waiting months and years for fixes, patches, and other band-aids to get your game working.  We will be working with an amazing team of developers, artists, and content creators to change the simulation industry as a whole.

Next generation features are here.

Procedural weathering, amazing weather effects, working traincar suspension systems, the list really goes on and on.  We can't wait to really get down to designing and adding real world features that no other sim currently offers.  The Unreal 4 engine offers us the opportunity to deliver real change to our hobby.  Currently there isn't one sim that offers all of the features that should be standard in any simulation.

That's about to change.


  1. As the Unity engine is being used, will there be versions released for OSX and Linux?

  2. Sorry, that should be as the Unreal engine is being used, will there be versions for OSX and Linux.

  3. Some simulation features for you to think about:

    1) high-detalised procedural or spline-based tracks with full-shape rails, sleepers, mounting elements, ballast prizm.

    2) direct HID support for input mappers
    3) ability to EXPORT developer-defineable train’s telemetry into external software to allow DIY control boards and cockpits
    4) weather effects and collisions.

    Points 1-3 : I can take part in Your projects allowing some 3D stuff and ideas about HID controllers.

  4. Will this turn out like T:ANE? I know for me my self and I speak for others T:ANE was a huge disappointment in content and other key stuff. N3V made it sound like a “new era” of simulation when really It turned out like a version of Trainz 10 with doppler effect and shadows. Can we expect this simulator to live up to being the “Next Generation?”

  5. @Texas Jointed Rail has always made the most eye popping Content for trains. I think they might be able to do what N3V FAILED to do.

  6. Hope you can model physics-air braking and train weights-right.

    Shadows from clouds…..

    Maybe you can build an object maker into the game itself so it won’t be difficult to build locomotives, train sets/EMUs and objects in the world for the sim. Maybe you could also make rails in the editor too. For example, you could have 20kg rail wooden ties with a 1067mm gauge. You can also have the colours able to modify from rusty to new…. and you can import photos to the editor. Or you could make a concrete tie 1435mm gauge 70kg rail (150lb) set. etc The ties could also be modified with photos and looks. Some railway lines are very old and have very worn sleepers. Some of these even mix steel sleepers with every 3rd tie……

    Can you have a tool in a route editor to import the DEM data?

    Google Maps integration for route building.

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